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Closing Date
09/11/2018 Supply of SKF Bearings MAT/ST/RC/SKF BEARINGS/18-19 Visakhapatnam 12/12/2018 12/12/2018
06/11/2018 Providing Security Services at MNO Office, DCI, Chennai DCI/MNO/ADMN/SECURITY/T//18-19 Visakhapatnam 20/11/2018 20/11/2018
01/11/2018 Supply, Manning and Running of A.C Diesel Taxies for DCI PO, Kolkata DCI/KOL/CAR/2018-19 Kolkata 28/11/2018 28/11/2018
05/10/2018 Expression of Interest for Empanelment with DCI for Supply of Sand - Corrigendum 1 DCI/MKTG/SaMi/723/2018 Visakhapatnam 16/11/2018 16/11/2018
04/10/2018 Supply, Manning and Running of one steel hull twin screw mechanized launch at Haldia DCI/DIV-II/HIRG OF SL/2018 Visakhapatnam 14/11/2018 14/11/2018
03/10/2018 Notice Inviting Expression of Interest for Formation of JV/Consortium with DCI - Corrigendum 1 DCI/MKTG/JV-CONSORTIUM/2018 Visakhapatnam 15/11/2018 15/11/2018

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